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Cars Leeuwerik

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For DNA extraction from seeds the initial step is often the individualisation of seeds from a small batch to one or a preset number of seeds into 96 well DeepWell plates. After the seeds often a metal ball bearing is added un top of the seeds, for homogenisation. Some labs would then add the lysis/extraction buffer to the seeds for disruption during the milling process. The Seedpicker automates on or all parts of this proces (individualise seeds in plates, add ball bearing, add liquid). The entire process can be guarded by vision systems and/or on a balance for the ultimate Quality Control. Further more a sealer can be integrated to seal the plates before moving into a stacker. Since the LabeyeFeeder and capture the access of seeds back into the original container, the individualisation of many batches of seeds can be fully automated. Using our partner LabSystems’ PlateDispensers with co-developped retractable sleeve stackers, hundreds of DNA extraction plates can be generated without human intervention.